What is Stockton Business Improvement District?

Stockton BID is a business-led organisation that provides services for its membership and projects in its area. It is elected, directed and funded by member businesses based in Stockton – see map on our about us page for Business District Boundary.

How is the membership decided?

Every business within the designated area (currently the town centre) with a rateable value above £5,000 is a member, there are around 400 in all.

How is it funded?

Each member pays a mandatory 1.5% levy on its business rates, so the contribution is based on the amount of the business rates they pay. The BID uses this to provide strategic projects and cost-saving projects for members.

How is it regulated if membership is mandatory?

The BID must seek a mandate to continue which is done through an independently run ballot of members every five years. It must pass this with a majority of numbers and rateable value, ensuring members are keen for it to continue. The BID has been in operation since 2016, the next ballot will take place in May 2021.

Who decides what it does?

The BID has a five-year proposal for each ballot which is carried out over the term if successfully re-elected. The body is also governed by a board of directors drawn from the membership who oversee the work and who can redirect projects.

For example: an increase in anti-social behaviour was noted and after discussions it was decided some funds would be better spent increasing the number of enforcement officers patrolling the High Street area.

How much can you really do with a 1.5% Levy?

The BID is small and agile which is used to its advantage. It knows how to lobby and work with large organisations to get what Stockton Business Improvement District needs. It has also spearheaded ‘Forget Me Not’ - a campaign to make the High Street dementia - friendly developed with the Levy community to offer free training to staff. The BID contributes vital funds towards the cost of street wardens for the town and has also established a successful business network called Stockton MET.

Future plans, post Covid-19, include launching Striking Stockton, which will be a Levy celebration event as well as The Court Yard Socials, a concept developed to support the many yards in the town.

Most importantly Stockton BID helps maintain a positive reputation as a place to work and visit.