Date: 27th October 2020

The Human Touch

Some elements of online buying you are not able to achieve from the world of click and collect.

Some elements of online buying you are not able to achieve from the world of click and collect. That is the sensory shopping experience and the human touch – a series of emotive heartfelt stories capturing the Humans of Stockton High Street continues to capture our attention.

Humans of the High Street an innovative nationwide marketing campaign launched back in September created by Stockton Business Improvement District was designed to highlight the importance of supporting our local high streets and remind us all why we should cherish the independent.

Humans of the High Street documents in real terms the thoughts and feelings of business owners during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

Take Norman Ainsley, Owner and Tailor of Review Menswear, located just off the high street at 25 Silver Street. Norman has been tailoring his service to each individual customer need with his own unique style for over 20 years and his business still has no online presence.

“When C19 picked up momentum and the pandemic was ensuing Twenty years of customer community stopped in one day and right in the middle of the wedding season.” I don’t trade online, my customers enjoy the touch, feel experience you only get in a shop. “I was glad to open the doors again.”

“Customer’s do want experiences, yes they buy brands, need commodities and use services. Our success at Review in the digital era is partly due to the fact people like to buy from people. In tailoring offering exceptional personalised customer service is paramount. High Streets are challenged if you want your customers to remember your brand, product or service you have to go beyond visual marketing with nice displays and really appeal to their other senses”.

#HOTHS continues to gain in following filmed with the people who own and run shops, cafes and premises along the famous wide high street and surrounding area.

“It has been a really tough year C19 has been felt across every aspect of our lives, liberties and livelihoods. It is crucial in these most adverse of times Stockton BID rise to the challenge and we look creatively and emotively at innovative ways that can help us to keep a consistent message of support for our Levy Member.”

“The Future is Local is our brand strategy created in collaboration with OOK aka One of a Kind. OOK are incredibly well read on matters of sustainability and are a purpose-led business partnering with leading experts whose collective minds and knowledge we access”.

Jason Maxwell Stockton BID Manager.

#HOTHS was created by Max Freer Founder of Tees Valley creative agency OOK – a new breed of agency for the Change Generation. You can see #HOTHS nationwide across multiple digital platforms including YouTube and on social media.

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Sam Withers