Date: 2nd December 2020

Festive Treats & Treasures from Stockton’s Indie Street Heroes

An innovative marketing campaign designed to champion Stockton’s Independent High Street businesses and promote a message to #GOLOCAL this Christmas is about to be unveiled in Stockton.

Treats & Treasures from Stockton’s Indie Street Heroes is the name of the creative campaign from Stockton Business Improvement District. The campaign features personalised advocacy messages filmed on mobile phones from the Indie Street Heroes aka the ‘Independent Businesses’ of Stockton High Street promoting a variety of treats & treasures available for Christmas gift-buying to celebrate the independence, diversity, craftsmanship and innovation from their high street community.

“C-19 continues to hit every aspect of our lives, liberties and livelihoods - Stockton is the only town in the Tees Valley to have its own BID backing these businesses. The impact of Lockdown no 2 could be fatal for some of our town’s businesses and the wider Tees Valley economy so the imperative message is #GOLOCAL”. says Jason Maxwell, BID Manager.

“The challenge we faced in the first Lockdown was having the ability to enable the customer with a digital mechanism to support independents via one central digital high street marketplace solution. In the era of the click & collect High Streets per-say don’t have a go-to marketplace website where all high street businesses can trade from and consumers can buy from. This is a solution Stockton BID need to offer and I’ve had conversations with the Mayor and other leaders to explore how we can achieve this. But, right now it will not meet the immediate need of supporting our high street businesses heading into the Christmas trade period”.

“Another challenge all town centres face is a lack of digital knowledge and skills from our community to use the technology alongside the physical shop experience. Indie Street Heroes will feature across multiple digital channels -encouraging our Independents to do their Selfie-vids for Stockton BID to make public appeals to champion our Indie Heroes by buying from them online via social media or by contacting them directly”.

“Indie Street Heroes is a genius, simple idea to move businesses quickly into using digital platforms and united under this campaign we can bring them all together in one place. Developed with our creative partner OOK we need to show the public that while many may be forced to close the doors, Indies are trading behind closed doors, offering alternative ways to package up their product, offer or service. The BID is responding to current challenges and we continue to innovate and move ideas forward” Said Jason Maxwell. BID Manager.

Leader of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Councillor Bob Cook, added: “We know the pandemic has been challenging for local businesses Indie Street Heroes campaign shines a light on the other ways you can support them in the run-up to Christmas.

“This initiative, by Jason Maxwell representing Stockton Business Improvement District community highlights some great independent shops in Stockton where you can pick up all sorts of interesting and unique gifts for your loved ones, and though you can’t visit some of our local traders in person at the moment, you can show your support and back this campaign by shopping online from the safety of your home.”

Indie Street Heroes is a follow-up to the hugely successful #HOTHS Humans of the High Street video documentaries that where filmed during the first Lockdown telling the heartfelt stories of the business owners as the pandemic ensued and they were forced to shut. Creator of #HOTHS and Indie Street Heroes Max Freer of OOK a new breed of creative agency for the Change Generation said: “It’s a privilege to be Stockton BID’s creative partner - our job at OOK is to bring the innovative thinking as we battle the challenges of the high street and now C-19 not all businesses are digitally skilled or enabled, but they all do have a mobile phone and given it’s Lockdown we’ve created this campaign organically and remotely’.

“We’ve tried to create a festive campaign that stands out bright, bold and brave and reflective of current times, to makes us pause for thought Christmas is a time to reflect, to cherish and renew. Indie Street Heroes aims to cheerlead and cherish Stockton High Street and by featuring the Indie businesses we wanted to humanise the adversity and advocacy for Localism using social media we urge locals to spend local and stock up with treats & treasures that offer new beginnings”.

The campaign runs across multiple digital platforms including YouTube.

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Notes to Editor

Media Contact: Max Freer 07712 488 943 OR Sam Withers 07762 744868

Stockton Business Improvement District (BID) is the elected representative of businesses within Stockton town centre, run by businesses for businesses. The BID works as a partnership to campaign for and deliver a range of projects to benefit the area, connecting a community of 400 diverse member businesses. Stockton BID Manager Jason Maxwell and his businesses community are available for interviews via ZOOM and OOK can schedule a cross interview panel.

Sam Withers